Episode 177: Will at Katsucon!

We have a very special podcast this week with 4 gueslts! Will locked Noah in a locker and went out on his own to Katsucon. There he interviewed awesome cosplayers like Orla, a cosplayer, model, and graphic artist, she also does photography and costume design as well. Also, her husband Tony is probably a handsome captain of a pirate ship or something, who knows. Allen Ryde, a passionate long time cosplayer and artist. He has served as a judge for costume and cosplay competitions at various conventions such as Katsucon and Anime USA. And David Van Tassell, a cosplayer and professional actor/stuntman/badass. He is the creative director for Rockstar Film Company as well as the director/co-writer of the webseries Bad Dogs.


For more Orla and Tony:


For More Allen:

Cosplay Burlesque


Faerie Fantastical Parties

For more David:



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Where’s +2 Comedy? Castle Point Anime Convention/ Zenkaikon 2017 Edition

Crazy weekend coming up, everyone!

We’re going to Hoboken, NJ on Saturday for Castle Point Anime Convention, and on Sunday several characters who look a startling amount like Will, Noah, and Laura will be appearing at Cosplay Pro Wrestling.  Clearly, you’re going to want to find us: here’s how!

Location: Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ

  • 4pm Game the Gamer (Kidde 228)
  • 6pm +2 Comedy Podcast Live (McLean 104)
  • 7:30pm Make Your Nerd Dream Job a Reality (Babbio 320)
  • 9pm StandUp (Babbio 104)

Location: Lancaster County Convention Center, Lancaster, PA

On Sunday, Cosplay Pro Wrestling will be at 11am in Main Events, Freedom Hall A.


Come check us out!

Episode 175: Nick Piccone of the Straight Shooters Podcast

It is the podcast after Wrestlemania and we have Nick Piccone on the show! Nick is the host of the Stright Shooters Podcast and is a writere for the Philly Voice. This week we talk about Wrestlemania, It Follows and Norse Mythology. Plus we play “Landmind” on host vs guest vs audience. 

For More Nick:




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Episode 174: Ari Rockefeller from Anime Jam Session

Hey hey it is podcast time! This week we have Ari Rockefeller on the show. Ari is a writer and also host Anime Jam Session on the Voice of Geeks network. This week we talk about conventions, Dungon Palz and wrestling. So much wrestling. Plus we play Google fued on Host vs Guest vs Audience. 

For More Ari:

Anime Jam Session




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Episode 173: Ramon Bender Returns!

It is time for another fine time for a podcast and we have returning guest Ramon Bender. Ramon is a musical standup comedian and slash fiction world championships favorite. He also hosts The Crapulent on Wild Fire Radio. This week we talk about American Gods, The Witness and Iron Fist. Plus we play Pointless for Host vs Guest vs Audience.


For More Ramon:


The Crapulent

Pervious Episode


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Episode 172: PartyNerdz

    It is Party Time! This week we welcome two of the Party Nerdz onto the podcast. Ed Figueroa is joins us who Noah got to torture during Too Many Game’s Game the Gamer. Gervase Petterson is another host and from season one of survivor. This week we talk about The Nintedo Switch, Black Mirror and WCW. Plus it is the return of Reddit Says on Host vs Guest vs Audience.

For More Party Nerds:





Gervase’s Twitter

Ed’s Twitter


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