Episode 172: PartyNerdz

    It is Party Time! This week we welcome two of the Party Nerdz onto the podcast. Ed Figueroa is joins us who Noah got to torture during Too Many Game’s Game the Gamer. Gervase Petterson is another host and from season one of survivor. This week we talk about The Nintedo Switch, Black Mirror and WCW. Plus it is the return of Reddit Says on Host vs Guest vs Audience.

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Episode 171: The Coward Hour

We have two of my favorite comics on the show! It is the return of LiMaire Lee and the debut of Brendam Krick. These two are both fantastic comics and the hosts of The Coward Hour, the scariest canceled comedy show. This week we talk about our greatest fear, have a sad off and debate Captain Boomarang. Plus we play Pointless on Host vs Guest vs Audience.


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….You can’t… they ended it. But here is LiMaire’s Twitter.


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Episode 170: The Legends of the Interwebs Return

This week we are happy to have our friend Frank and Brian on back on the show. They have formed the powerful paneling team The Legends of the Interwebs, coming to Zenkaikon and a con near you! This week we talk about the Swolly Bible, Razzie Movies and Bioshock. Plus we play a new game called Pointless on Host vs Guest vs Audience.

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Episode 168: Battle Sword League (Guest Host Laura Hargreaves)

We are live from Gamers Vault and we have a sword! Philly’s Battle Sword League is here to talk about the newest sword fighting trend. We are not talking foils, we are talking katanas! This week we talk about Game of Thrones, Independence Day: Resergence and The Last Gaurdian. Plus we play “Weapon of Choice” for host vs Guest vs Audience.

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Special Party of One Podcast with Noah and Jeff Stormer!

So due to the snow store, Gamers Vault was closed on Thursday and the Podcast was cancelled. So as a special treat here is a crossover! This is Noah’s apperance of Jeff Stormer’s Party of One Podcast. If you enjoy the show, come see it live on Febuary 20th!


Live show


THE PODCAST OF PODCAST. THE SHOWCASE OF IMMORTALS. IT’S THE PARTY OF ONE WRESTLEMANIA SPECTACULAR. Since we last left Slimy McHeelburg, he was offered a shot at the big leagues–A WWE CONTRACT. But can he make his WrestleMania dreams come true?

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Episode 167: Troy Moore

We are back! From the Gamers Vault in Medford it is the +2 Comedy Podcast with Troy Moore. Troy is a stand up comic and part of High Note Humor. This week we talk about Resident Evil 7, Bill Burr and and Zoolander 2. Plus it is the return of Reddit Says on Host vs Guest vs Audience!

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