Who We Are

+2 Comedy:


Noah Houlihan

One of the founding members of +2 Comedy, Noah Houlihan has appeared at over fifty conventions up and down the eastern seaboard and into the midwest.  A Philly’s Phunniest semi-finalist in 2014, Noah’s interests include video games, YouTube parties, and professional wrestling. He does not believe waffles are bread.

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Will Liam

The other founding member of +2 Comedy, Will enjoys Boba Fett, comic books, and disagreeing with Noah on the +2 Comedy Podcast.  He can be found screaming at his television in New Jersey with his dog. He believes waffles are bread.



Laura Prince

Laura is a proud Ravenclaw.  She is working on being nicer to Hufflepuffs, but makes no promises.


Other Members
These are +2 Comedy Members who do not perform at every show, but you’ll probably see them from time to time.


Alex Pearlman

Alex thinks waffles and bread are stupid.  He likes wrestling, his wife, and his dog.



2 Comedy Alumni include TJ Del Reno, Vegas Lancaster, and Chris McGrail.



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